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Saturday, April 7, 2018

LDS Beta Readers Conference via YouTube

I just finished up a presentation today at an interesting conference. Rather than meeting in hotel conference rooms, this one was held entirely online. The LDS Beta Readers Conference is an annual thing put on by the folks who run a Facebook group by the same name.

They schedule presentations for 30 or 60 minutes and schedule them on a Saturday. The cool part is that if you can't be there, you can go back later and watch the videos. Some are done live, and some are recorded beforehand.

I know some of the presenters, but not all of them. Those I know are great folks able to share good information on writing. It was great to take part in the event and share a little time with fans of writing. You can find my video presentation here:

While I'm on a YouTube kick, you can also hear a flash fiction piece I did called The Art of Getting Lost, read by Zach Bjorge.

And one last YouTube bit, I joined a Fantasy Fiends podcast at the release of Crystal King last fall that you can find here.

Stuff I had to learn to do the YouTube live presentation:

  • Configuring OBS Studio (Picture in picture is a cool effect)
  • Learning the YouTube Creator Studio interface
  • Hooking up OBS as the source for my streaming
  • Deciding not to care what my voice sounds like
Overall, was a reasonable learning curve. The only trouble was when one of my audio sources didn't work and I had the wrong one selected. It took me a few minutes to straighten that out and I had to trim seven minutes and thirty seconds from the start of the video. Luckily I started about eight minutes early so my timeslot was within a minute of perfect. :)

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