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Adrian, a spy for the King, sees a nobleman murder a servant. His desire for truth is pitted against the dangers of a high-stakes political game. When his friend Draken insists on pursuing justice, Adrian must protect those he cares about as the political games of powerful men alter the lives of everyone around him.


I've edited more than I've written by a significant margin. It started out with reading a pre-release book as a favor and collecting typos. Then I moved on to proofreading a friend's book, and before I knew it I was doing everything all the way up to developmental edits and editing anthologies.

It turns out I have the tools and skills to edit the work of other writers, and I've found out it can be lots of fun. I have a shelf of books at home where I keep copies of books I've edited right beside the novels and short stories I've had published. I love seeing others succeed with their stories, especially when I've helped them to polish off the rough edges and make a story shine.

Praise from Authors and Editors

You were editing WITHIN my style. When you gave a style note, it didn’t change my voice, it just improved the text. - RJD
you do thorough editing work. - JAW
My rates are lower than what you'll find at big editing houses. I can keep my overhead to a minimum and pass the savings along.

Evaluation: (free)

I will give you feedback on up to 2,000 words of your novel so you can get a feel for my editing style and see if it matches what you need. This will also identify what level of editing you need, assuming the rest of your work matches the sample.

Short Fiction

Use the rates below, but with a $50 minimum. Otherwise, editing is the same between short and long works.

Proofread: $0.005 / word

This edit is to find typos and other minor errors and is often the last pass before typesetting on manuscripts already accepted for publication.

Copy Edit: $0.010 / word

Spelling, grammar, word usage, punctuation, and consistent usage of terms. Did you use the word right and did you use the right word? This also includes removing duplicate information to tighten up the story. There's no need to remind the reader every chapter that Bob shoots trespassers.

Developmental Edit: $0.015 / word

Verify the flow and structure of the story. Make sure Bob doesn't shoot a gun in chapter 3 when he doesn't find it until chapter 4. Did you put your big plot twist where it belonged?

I use Microsoft Word's "Track Changes" feature for edits and notes. Some notes will tell you what I've done. Others will be to tell you there are things you should handle on your own based on your preferences as the author. As always, the story is yours and you choose what edits to accept and reject. I will try to give you enough justification on edits to tell you not just what I have done, but why.

Email me with questions or requests to schedule an edit. I look forward to hearing from you!

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