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Adrian, a spy for the King, sees a nobleman murder a servant. His desire for truth is pitted against the dangers of a high-stakes political game. When his friend Draken insists on pursuing justice, Adrian must protect those he cares about as the political games of powerful men alter the lives of everyone around him.


Writings of John M Olsen

Novels by me

"Crystal King" coming in 2017

Gavin Stoutheart’s father the baron is missing, along with Gavin’s brother the heir. He must step up to lead his people as they flee before an invading army. His only hope is that a combination of prohibited animal magic and his knack for strategy will keep them safe as they make their way through a fractured kingdom with an army on their tail.

"A Forgotten Promise"

A fictionalized biography of a couple who sinks deep into drug addiction and alcohol abuse, and of the relatives who raise their children.

To what depths will the parents sink before they act upon their promise to put their family back together?

Anthologies with a story by me

"Learning to Run With Scissors" (late 2017 or early 2018)
An asteroid-mining family makes a discovery that will change everything and discovers an enemy who doesn't want the news to get out.

"Time to Think" in "Apocalypse Utah" (February 2017)
A scientist's thought experiment has side-effects that grow stronger over time.

"Revolutionary" in "Steel & Bone, Nine Steampunk Adventures"

A dirigible captain goes down with his ship, and wakes to find himself a captive of a sky-dwelling civilization. How much can he learn of their advanced society before he must escape?

"Exposure Therapy" in "It Came from the Great Salt Lake: A Collection of Utah Horror"

A couple out for an afternoon of caving discovers more than rock formations in an ancient burial site sealed for centuries.

"The Blight" in "Sibyl's Scriptorium Volume 3"

Elric and Jolynne follow mysterious ghost-like visitors through a magical gate to a world they’ve only heard of through rumors and stories meant to scare young elves. Visiting the Blight would be bad enough by itself, but Jolynne is captured by a foe from their own world. Now Elric must plot both a rescue and their escape in order for them to ever return home.

Author Friends You Will Enjoy Reading

Melissa McShane (Fantasy with a dash of romance)

Jay Barnson (Steampunk and urban fantasy anthologies)

Jana Brown (Romantic western science fiction)

Software Development (I'm a contributing author)


Books I've illustrated or done artwork for


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