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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hugo Reading Assignment

I just got the email for downloading my Hugo voting packet. I've already been through the ballot and set my votes on about half of the items since I've read through a bunch of the shorter works. I've also perused pages of stuff related to editors, authors, artists, bloggers, e-zines, and all that fun stuff.

I've found some really good stuff so far. I've also found some disappointing stuff, but most of that isn't directly on the ballot, but is important because of the site it's on, it's on or who edited it.

As with all contests of opinion and taste, I don't expect what I like to match up exactly with what anyone else likes. That's why I'm not going to bother posting what I vote for. But I'm perfectly willing to tell everyone that I vote, and that my votes will reflect how I feel about the works based on their categories.

So for everyone else getting email from Sasquan, it's time to do your homework. :)

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